Criminal Lawyer

We have specialized lawyers to deal with criminal related cases. If you are looking for criminal lawyers or need advice for criminal related cases.

Matters related to Cheque Bounce , Negotiable instruments, 138 NI Act
Matters related to Dowry prohibition, Dowry Harassment
Offences under Indian Penal Code
Offences under Domestic violence act
Offences relating to Arms act
Matters relating to bail
Matters relating to Anticipatory bail
Criminal Contempt
Matters relating to pollution- Air, water and environment
Matters relating to Public premises Eviction of Un authorized Occupants.
Defamation - slander - libel
Matters related to fraud, cheating
Offences relating to documents and against property marks
Criminal breach of contract of service, criminal intimidation, insult, annoyance etc.
Offences affecting public health , human body and decency
Cases of fraud , cheating and criminal Breach of Trust
Financial Crimes- Corporate Crimes
The conservation of foreign exchange and prevention of smuggling activities act, 1974 (COFEPOSA act)
Copy right- Trademark Violations
Criminal Appeals
Criminal Revision Petitions
Criminal petitions
Cyber Crime
Human Rights Voilation Cases
Motor Vehicle Offences
Juvenile Justice
Narcotic Drugs
Customs and Foreign exchange
Police Harassment
Sexual Harassment at workplace
Foreigners- Related Laws
Criminal Contempt

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