Civil Law

With a team of best civil lawyers in Bangalore, We provide you with following services
All Civil Suits pertaining to Partition Suits, Injunction Suits, Money Suits, Specific Performance Suits, Ejectment Suit, Suits relating to Partnership, Contract, Rent Control Cases, issues relating to House-owner and Tenant, Fixation of Fair Rent etc., are handled by us along with below services.

Sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters
Matters relating to lease, charges and mortgages of property
Registration of documents.
Disputes relating to sale of immovable property.
Matters related to exchange, gifts, and actionable claims.
Matters related to sanction and violation of building plans, Deviation & Demolition of unauthorized constructions
Matters related to TDR.

Other related services are
Drafting sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters
Title search and scrutiny of documents for risk mitigation in appropriate cases
Property verification and scrutiny
Legal opinions relating to lease, charges and mortgages of property
Mortgage and hypothecation matters
Due diligence for property purchase
Title opinion on property/documentation
Legal formalities for integrated townships
Commercial complex
Special economic zones
Liasoning with D.C., KIADB, BDA., KHB., BMRDA., etc. for approvals
Single window clearance for large projects
Drafting and registration of all types of document such as sale deeds, Relinquishment deeds, gift deeds and wills etc.

Contract Law
Disputes relating to breach and non performance of Contracts
Specific performance of contracts
Matters relating to joint development agreements
Matters relating to fraud, mistake and cheating
Matters relating to recovery of debts, cheque bouncing etc
Matters related to Indemnity and guarantee.
Matters relating to bailment and pledge
Matters relating to Agency-Effect of contract on matters of agency
Sale of goods
Matters relating to Benami-Transactions (prohibition) Act
Contempt of Courts
Foreigners Act
Land acquisition etc
Power of attorney
Matters pertaining to successions and trusts
Matters related to Real Estate

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