Family Court

Just about anyone can start a family on their own, but certain procedures affecting the responsibilities of family life must be pursued in court. While matters of the heart are very personal, the rights of same-sex couples to get married, laws regarding divorce, and the process of adopting a child are governed by state and federal laws. "Family law," therefore, refers to rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit. While some family law matters may be handled without counsel, processes such as divorce and child custody often require the skill and expertise of a skilled attorney.

  • Marriage Law.
  • Divorce.
  • Child Custody.
  • Child Support.
  • Adoption.
  • Living Together.
  • Domestic Partnerships.
  • Reproductive Rights.
  • Emancipation of Minors.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Paternity.
  • Parental Rights and Liability.
  • Guardianship.
  • Foster Care.
  • Child Abuse.
  • Surrogacy and Artificial Conception.

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