What is Khata

A Khata is a legal document used for computing and filing property tax in Karnataka. It contains all the property details such as the owner's details, property size, location, carpet area, built-up area, tax assessment, and property identification number. The document is maintained by the municipal corporations.

A Khata document is different from the title deed. The Khata is used for assessing the property tax, while the title deed is a written document signed between buyers and sellers. This legal document does not provide ownership but identifies that the owners are liable to pay taxes.


The Khata certificate is categorized into two entities

 'A' Khata and 'B' Khata.

A Khata is issued to a property which has gained all approvals from the concerned authorities and adhered with the building byelaws and taxation norms. The possession of this certificate helps property owners avail home loans, building plans and occupation certificates easily.

B Khata is issued to properties that have violated the building byelaws or have outstanding property tax dues. It is a register maintained by BBMP and is pertaining to the Section 108A of the Karnataka Municipal Act, 1976 which was revised in 2009. It is a temporary documents which needs to be converted into A Khata. The State government is working towards a scheme  which will allow regularisation of B Khata properties to A Khata by paying the requisite improvement and conversion fee.

Apart from these two types of Khata, E Khata is referred to the certificate filed or issued online. This certification allows property holders to make online payment of their property taxes.


Khata Transfer is an important to-do to complete the set of official property documents. Khata Transfer is also important for paying the property tax and avoid incurring any fine for negligence.

We handle Khata issuance / transfer for properties in Bangalore. The service is subject to government procedures and the availability of all documents as required by the respective authority (BBMP / BDA / BMRDA / Gram Panchayat)

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